Encaustic Class Page

Hello, Everyone!

This page was constructed for those who took my class on Tuesday, February 19.  I posted the following information prior to class:

  • Encaustic Images!  Click HERE.

  • Encaustic videos! Click HERE.

  • As I am interested in the concordance between color and emotion, I’ve put together a resource from various web sites.  Click Colors and scents to access!

Here are some other great pieces of information on encaustic supplies, etc.

  • This is where I bought the pigmented wax blocks, my encaustic iron and versatool (the writing tool we used in class)–Click HERE!

  • Here is another great resource for encaustic supplies–click HERE!

  • RF makes some of the highest grade encaustic supplies–click HERE!


The most recent Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine features a piece on encaustic work that you might find interesting.  Here is a link to a free e-book from the publisher!  Click HERE!

I really enjoyed meeting all of you!  Thank you for taking my class and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!