Bloom: Reclaiming Creative Ground

One week has elapsed since four of my original pieces swept down the runway on my friend/muse/model, Aly Downs.

It was a huge night for me–I’d not done this before, even though I’d sold my work, costumed many productions and seen this in my mind for years.  At 49, ten years after I’d left a thriving art-to-wear practice cold-turkey, I took this on and it was so…much…fun.

At the present time, I don’t have clear direction on what is next.  The last time I was a fashion designer, I recall that I worked consistently designing and creating.  Passing years have given me skills in project management from my “day job” and I find I am much more event-oriented than in the past.  I like the push of a deadline; it keeps me on task and building toward a purpose.

I feel blessed and lucky to have this second blooming.  I certainly didn’t expect it, but I am going to grab onto the corners of this sail and let the wind take me!

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